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Coming to a Store Near You

The word is out and the reviews are coming in. People are excited about the opportunity to consume CBD in the form of whole plant material. The response we have received from a wide variety of CBD, Smoke and Vape shops has been very positive. While many of these stores have been selling extracted hemp oil for a while in a variety of concentrations, they have not yet known of or had access to raw plant material. That is all about to change.

If you are interested in helping expand the Herb-a-lites Brand and are good at sales and talking to retail owners, please get in touch with us about becoming an Herb-a-lites Distributor. We offer our products at a deeply discounted rate to our Distributors and then support you to get these products into your local stores. The wholesale price is typically 30% above your distributor price so you can make money while doing good!

To learn more please contact us at

Thank you!


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