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Confusion Grows Over Legal Use of Hemp in Tennessee

The confusion is leading to the arrest of innocent people.

CBD from hemp is legal in Tennessee. People eat CBD gummies or use CBD oil to treat a variety of ailments.

However, a growing trend toward simply smoking the raw hemp bud for CBD has created even more confusion. Legal hemp looks and smells exactly like marijuana.

If available, ask for a printout of the chemical analysis of the plant proving it’s legal hemp.

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Hemp In Space: Researchers Send Hemp Plants To International Space Station


Hemp in space sounds like a science fiction dream. It will soon to be an exciting new reality thanks to a partnership of terrestrial firms hoping to learn about the effects of microgravity on the crop.

Space Tango, a start-up business from the heart of Kentucky seeks to harvest hemp in space. Co-founder and chairman, Kris Kimel, wants to lean about how the biology and quality of the crop will develop without the influence of gravity. The goal is to see if the medicinal value of cannabinoids prospers on this new frontier and to offer unique CBD products to the public.

Anavii Market is partnering with Space Tango on their journey into this new frontier. Anavii Market is an online CBD marketplace that seeks to improve quality reliability in the industry. Their goal is to provide a trusted source of CBD to the public.


Prior to Space Tango, Kimel was the founder and president of the Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation (KSTC), “which is where this notion of looking into space and microgravity kind of germinated.” As his interest grew, he left the company and moved over to Space Tango full time.

After nearly a decade of research on this new frontier, Kimel tells us there’s still so little they know and so much to learn when it comes to how plants develop in a gravity stress-free environment. Since hemp has had such little research within the last century and only recently has had its doors opened to scientists, Space Tango remains optimistic in breaking through new discoveries.

Kimel and his team are aware that principle biological systems (i.e. cells, organisms) become scrambled grown without gravity. In turn, this “opens up new pathways, new understandings, of those systems that you’d never see on earth.” Prior to their experiments with hemp, they’ve developed medical implants which can only be manufactured in space.

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2018 Hemp Harvest – Biomass Pricing Trends

With harvest upon us, farmers and processors are working together to establish a fair market price for hemp biomass.  This is challenging because as an industry, we need to better understand the relationship between supply and demand. The biggest question, is there enough biomass to supply the hemp processors at full capacity this year?  The answer will impact current and future pricing of biomass, but this is a complicated subject due to the lack of traceability in the Hemp industry. Our industry lacks baseline data such as total biomass produced and total sales of CBD products to end consumers.  In addition, the 2018 farm bill will have a tremendous impact on demand. The answer to supply and demand in 2018/2019 is evolving as market speculation drives the price of the first biomass sales, we look into three important questions, and analyze the factors driving the market.

What is the current spot price for hemp biomass?
How will hemp biomass prices move in the next 3 months?
Did USA farmers produce enough hemp biomass to fulfill demand?

What is the current spot price for hemp biomass?

Currently the spot price for finished, dried biomass lots intended for extraction is between $3.50 – $4.75 / % / lb depending on volume and quality.  This price is being influenced by a few factors.  The first factor is that early flowering varieties of hemp are harvested.  This eases the pressures on processors who need to procure biomass supply.  However, the processors should be competing over this early material, and with prices in the $3.50 / $4.50 range, this indicates they have an alternative source of CBD or that the buying market is not overly competitive.  To me, this is an early warning sign that demand from processors will not keep up with the supply of hemp.

The price of biomass is also being driven by farmers who are avoiding future pricing uncertainty.  Farmers have a fear that there will be more biomass than can be sold in 2018 / 2019. If this is the case, prices will plummet because not all farmers will be able to sell their crop and competition to monetize crops will be intense.  Because of this fear, securing a contract early in the season insulates a farm from pricing volatility in hemp biomass. We suggest farmers consider pre-selling a portion of their crop to hedge against price fluctuation and create guaranteed revenue.

If you have 2017 material, SELL IT NOW.  I asked our Washington Cannabis team about the relationship between extraction material from 2017 versus the new 2018 crop and here is what they said.  Expect to take a 50%-65% haircut on prices. “A couple weeks ago it would have been about .50 vs .25/g for 2018 untested to 2017 untested. Right now we’re probably looking at .45/g vs .15/g for the same..” -Tyler Lamont

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First Arrivals for 2018

We are very happy to announce that the first new crop from 2018 has arrived. We received our first order of the cultivar RNA (Russian Automatic) which as you can see is primarily made up of medium to large fluffy buds with a very aromatic nose I would describe as a mixture of skunk mixed with a certain sweetness.

The taste is a nice skunk/diesel with hints of fruitiness with an aftertaste we would describe as a sweet fruit punch. And the aftertaste lingers nicely.

Because of an excellent relationship we have developed with our farmers, we are able to offer this cultivar at a slightly lower price than other trimmed tops we have offered. Check it out on our Retail Shop or on the Wholesale Section for our wholesale customers.

Go check it out and get your order in TODAY!

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We Should Be Pouring Time And Money Into Hemp, Period.

By Janet Burns

For centuries, North Americans have utilized hemp in their homes, diets, and health regimens. For decades, we’ve also turned to imported products to meet much of our growing need.

And now, after years of major change for US agriculture and industry, real investment in this versatile crop stands to significantly elevate our economy and quality of life for generations to come.

The idea of upping hemp production is already common ground politically. As farmers have faced water shortages, unstable markets, and punishing seasonal conditions, communities around the country have pressured lawmakers to help them restore US agriculture with more profitable, sustainable plants.

Hemp has long been seen to fit that bill. Best known for its use in textiles, it offers wide-ranging applications that countless sectors are keen to get in on.

For example, hemp seeds in whole or processed form contain an impressive amount of protein, nutrients, and essential fatty acids, among other things — offering an efficient way to boost nutrition in human and animal diets — while hempseed oil has increasingly become a preferred ingredient in common food, beauty, and health products.

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The 2018 Hemp Harvest is Arriving

The new 2018 Hemp Crop is arriving!

We are excited to share that the drought of 2018 is over. New raw hemp is being harvested and dried by the ton.

Over the next 6-9 months, we will be offering a number of specialty hemp cultivars. These will include T1, Special Sauce, C4, RNA (Russian Automatic), Pineapple Haze, and a few special phenotypes recently created by farmers I know.

Herb-a-lites continues to be among the top rated sources for consistent and affordable raw hemp flower. Thank you for your support, and please place your order on our easy to use website.
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What is REALLY Important Around Hemp

If you ask most people what is the most important factor when considering purchasing one hemp variety (cultivar) over another, nine out of 10 people will say CBD%. But that is only a part of the story.

Because of its early acceptance as a beneficial compound, most hemp consumers are very familiar with the various benefits of CBD. But as we learn more about hemp and the research is beginning to document, there are many additional compounds in addition to CBD that contribute to its beneficial attributes.

At this time there are almost 500 different compounds in hemp which have been identified which may prove to have beneficial qualities, not to mention the interaction of these compounds in what is commonly referred to as the “Entourage effect” where the sum of these different elements is greater than the individual parts.

We are now starting to learn about the beneficial aspects of not only CBD but CBDa, THC, THCa, THCv, CBN, CBG, CBC as well as the over 200 turpenes which give cannabis its distinctive smell.

The more we learn about this amazing plant the more impressed it becomes. When considering purchasing your next batch of hemp take the time to learn about what is being sold and become an educated consumer.

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How Cannabis Became Marijuana

By Dr. David Bearman, Huffington Post Contributor, a California M.D. who specializes in pain management, harm reduction and medical cannabis

Cannabis has been many things; from the most important agricultural crop in the world to the most vilified drug. Use of cannabis in the Americas for purposes other than industrial hemp production may have existed as early as the 16th or 17th century. It is reported that slaves taken from Africa to work on sugar plantations in Brazil in the 16th century brought cannabis with them. They were allowed to plant it between the rows of cane and they would allegedly smoke it between harvests. Over the centuries, the use of cannabis made its way up South America across Central America to Mexico. By the mid-19th century, its use in Mexico, particularly amongst the poor, was popular. While written of in popular media, it was rarely discussed in upper-class media.

Exactly where the term marijuana itself came from is open to debate. Some say it came from the Spanish words for “Mary Jane”, popularized by Mexican culture of the time. Others point to the Portuguese word for intoxication, “marihuango” or the Mexican “mariguana”, which also means intoxication.

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Hurricane Florence : Ag Industry Expects Total Loss

The worst case scenario is unfolding for Hemp farmers located in the Carolinas.  Hurricane Florence is the strongest storm system to hit the east coast in modern day history. Due to the legal status of hemp, these farmers are faced with a desperate decision regarding their crops.  We spoke with North Carolina Hemp farmers to understand severity of the situation.

“We are not ready to harvest yet, however, the industrial hemp commission of NC has given us approval to harvest prior to testing” -Jerry Fuquay Richmond, NC Hemp Farmer

The Department of Agriculture has issued an emergency ruling enabling farmers to pull their crops prior to test results being submitted to the state.  Due to delays in the 2018 bill, this ruling is necessary due to the lack of crop insurance for hemp farmers.  A horrific scene is unfolding.  Harvest your crop two months early, which will decrease your total biomass yield and the CBD potency of the crop, or face a total loss.

“Us farmers took a chance.” – Shane McCormick, NC Hemp Farmer

That sinking feeling in your gut?  Many farmers were prepared to make 5X-10X more on their Hemp lot than a comparable ag crop.  This gamble seemed like a big win, but farmers are now faced with the reality that their hemp is uninsurable as Florence rumbles towards the mainland.  Many farmers are in damage control. Stuck between the decision to harvest an almost worthless crop, versus leaving fields destined to be torn apart by fierce winds, and drowned by torrential rain and heavy flooding.

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