Our Story

Zev Paiss founded Herb-a-lites to help American hemp farmers earn a fair living growing hemp and build the U.S. hemp economy. He has been actively involved in the industrial hemp industry since 2012 – the year Colorado citizens passed legislation allowing farmers to legally grow this versatile crop.

Zev is recognized for his common sense solution-oriented approach to filling needs in the hemp industry.  In 2013, he founded and managed the Rocky Mountain Hemp Association (RMHA).  Upon seeing the need to support American hemp farmers across the nation, he expanded RMHA to the National Hemp Association (NHA) and served as the Executive Director from 2013-2016.  He regularly hosts educational events, and created the Hemp Marketplace – a “Craigslist-style platform” – to help hemp farmers find buyers for their raw and lightly processed material.

Herb-a-lites is Zev’s latest contribution: affordably priced sustainably grown American hemp in its raw form that can be easily incorporated into a healthy lifestyle.

Herb-a-Lites products are made from 100% U.S. grown industrial hemp