Herb-a-shake Seasoning
20 gram / bottle


This innovative product comes straight from the farm where the hemp was grown following organic farming practices. We can keep this product affordable and pay the farmer a good wage because the hemp is kept in its natural form without additional and expensive processing. Dried hemp leaves are closest to the way people consumed hemp for millenium where the essential nutrients, terpenes and cannabinoids are fully available in its natural form (right from the plant). Ground hemp leaves can be used straight from the bottle. We sprinkle hemp on vegetable salad and blend hemp into a smoothie or juice. We also love adding hemp in soups and stir-fry with tofu, eggs or a favorite protein. Herb-a-shake seasoning comes in a handy 4-ounce shaker bottle that can be stored at room temperature easily along with your other culinary herbs.



This is full-spectrum sustainably grown dried hemp trim. It provides one of the easiest, most natural and affordable ways to bring the key health-enhancing nutrients of hemp into your body.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in


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20 gram / bottle”

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